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New logistics software upgrades from Oracle released last week

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Oracle introduced new releases of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud last week to address the needs of logistics managers in the current global marketplace.
New logistics software upgrades from Oracle released last week-Forwardernews

According to spokesmen, these releases enable managers seeking to reduce costs, streamline compliance with global trade regulations, and accelerate customer fulfillment, to utilize these significant needs on a single, integrated platform.
Oracle’s Vice President, SCM Product Strategy, Derek Gittoes, told LM in an interview that the dual releases may provide managers with real-time asset and cargo tracking that enhances the security of their supply chains.
“With this solution, they can be alerted to deviations in their shipment plans that may be indicative of security breaches,” he said... “For example, a truck that makes an unscheduled stop or a truck that takes an unplanned route.”
Spokesmen added that they also offer expanded regulatory support for fast, accurate screening and customs declarations. For example, Nahdi Medical Company has been able to improve truck utilization by five to ten percent since implementing the latest release of Oracle Transportation Management.
“We now have greater visibility into shipment demands and delivery status, which means we have the flexibility to quickly re-do plans as new requirements arise,” said Sayed Al-Sayed, supply chain applications manager, Nahdi Medical Company.
He also said that the accuracy of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud’s recommended plans and route optimizations has enabled them to increase truck utilization rates, which has allowed us to cut time on shipments, while also saving money.
“The global trade and logistics landscape is dramatically changing and organizations need to be able to accommodate a complex web of regulations and customer expectations for each shipment in order to be competitive,” added Gittoes. 


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