Maersk extends contract for advanced vessel tracking & monitoring solutions

Maersk extends contract for advanced vessel tracking & monitoring solutions-Forwardernews

Over the past 18 months, the BigOceanData vessel tracking system has successfully been used to track Maersk Line’s fleet using fused data feeds. This is where the BigOceanData system takes Maersk’s own vessel data received via Fleet Broadband and combines it with satellite and terrestrial AIS, all backed up by ‘pay-as-you-go’ Inmarsat-C. This delivers a service capable of providing position reports every 10 minutes both in the open ocean and coastal waters. Maersk can then apply this information to optimize the performance of the fleet. This service is now covering up to 2,000 vessels carrying Maersk cargo and is accessed by up to 500 users.
BOD SSAS integration for 300 vessels

Abu Dhabi Ports Launches First Domestic Blockchain Solution for Logistics

Abu Dhabi Ports Launches First Domestic Blockchain Solution for Logistics-Forwardernews

Maqta Gateway has developed and launched Silsal — a blockchain-based technology that aims to improve efficiency in the shipping and logistics industry.
According to Construction Business News, Silsal will initially be available to freight forwarders and their customers, with the new system being rolled out to “the rest of the trade community as a complementary tool to the existing mPCS (Maqta’s Port Community System).”
Using an internal blockchain, Abu Dhabi Ports hopes to reduce paperwork, facilitate real-time status updates and accelerate information exchange.

When freight startups seek funding, it’s about product fit and the team, say top investors

If you walk a transportation conference floor these days, you will be hard-pressed to identify all the companies showing their products and services. New innovations and technology solutions are infiltrating...

Charging All-Electric Trucks

Charging All-Electric Trucks

As trucking fleets prepare for the availability of all-electric, plug-in Class 8 tractors, they are evaluating existing power capabilities at terminal locations and working through what’s needed for charging infrastructure to support these vehicles.

Both UPS Inc. and Ryder System Inc. are working with Tesla Inc. to develop charging infrastructure to support the tractors that the fleets have preordered. Tesla has said its all-electric tractors will be available in 2019.

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