Chinese Shipping Line Receives Approval For Acquisition of Middle Harbor Operator

 Chinese Shipping Line Receives Approval For Acquisition of Middle Harbor Operator -Forwardernews

OOIL is the parent company to Orient Overseas Container Line, which currently operates Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT) with a 40-year lease at the Port of Long Beach’s Middle Harbor. The acquisition approval is contingent on the company agreeing to divest LBCT to a “suitable, unrelated third party” that is acceptable to the U.S. government.

3,000 Refrigeration Units Ordered by Evergreen Line

3,000 Refrigeration Units Ordered by Evergreen Line-Forwardernews

“With its digital scroll compressor, the PrimeLINE unit has a reputation for energy efficiency and a value proposition that includes rapid pull-down, tight temperature control, high air-flow performance and excellent cost of ownership,” said Andrew See, general manager, Global Container Refrigeration, Greater China, Carrier Transicold. “Evergreen’s PrimeLINE units feature our LED control-display option, which the shipping line considers advantageous for ship crew members visually monitoring stacked containers onboard a vessel.”
The majority of Evergreen Line’s PrimeLINE units are being installed on 40-foot high-cube containers with the balance mounted on 20-foot containers, all acquired for replacement.

China's COSCO Shipping wins U.S. security clearance for OOIL deal

China's COSCO Shipping wins U.S. security clearance for OOIL deal-Forwardernews

In a regulatory filing on Sunday the company said the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States had notified it that it does not have any outstanding security issues following an agreement with the U.S. government to divest the Long Beach container terminal business to a third party. COSCO said ownership of the container terminal business will be transferred to a trust while a buyer is sought.
There had been concerns the trade fight between Beijing and Washington might end up hampering major deals by the U.S. or Chinese firms seeking regulatory approval.
U.S. and China on Friday implemented tariffs against each other’s goods, with no signs of a near-term resolution.

Freight volume is the highest in over a decade: Cass Shipment Index

Freight volume is the highest in over a decade: Cass Shipment Index-Forwardernews

This is a great sign for carriers moving into the second half of 2018, as conditions should remain tight as the economy continues the momentum going into the third and fourth quarters.
The Cass Freight Index for Shipments is an index representing the volume of shipments in a given month from the entire Cass client base. This is indexed against a January 1990 base point of 1.00. Larger values indicate more shipments are occurring, while smaller values mean fewer are moving.​

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Cherry blossom-colored container ship arrives Monday in Oakland

Cherry blossom-colored container ship arrives Monday in Oakland-Forwardernews

Called the ONE Competence, the 1,036-foot-long ship is the newly branded symbol of Japan's recently consolidated container shipping lines, according to the Port.
The ship is scheduled to arrive at Oakland's TraPac marine terminal at 7 a.m.
"It will be a glorious sight," Port of Oakland Maritime Director John Driscoll said in a statement.
Driscoll said, "We've been welcoming the Japanese fleet to Oakland for years but this will be an eye-popper and a reminder that things are changing in our industry."
Port officials said the ONE Competence is part of the Ocean Network Express, or ONE.

The future of freight is in Rotterdam

The future of freight is in Rotterdam-Forwardernews

People who are not involved in the industry get excited about the prospect of being able to commute to work without ever touching the wheel or being able to call an autonomous vehicle after a night on the town, while the industry’s workforce worries about the prospect of being replaced with a heartless and spiritless machine that can work around the clock. For the more than 8 million workers involved in the freight and supply chain industry, the concept has very personal implications.
So when we are told that the autonomous future has arrived, we are naturally curious and willing to fly wherever to see it in action. Our latest journey took us to the largest port in Europe, the port of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a bustling city just outside of Amsterdam.

Container Shipping Customer Service Deteriorating

Container Shipping Customer Service Deteriorating-Forwardernews

The joint survey revealed that the 400 shippers and forwarders rated the service of container shipping lines with a score of 3.2 on average — on a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied).
Over a range of 16 different carrier activities, different levels of satisfaction were logged — satisfaction with documentation accuracy scored 3.4, but the quality of customer service scored 2.9, and transit times and reliability of bookings scored between 2.9 and 3.
All the service features, in effect, received a poor or medium level of satisfaction score from customers.

1st Pars Oil Cargo Exported

1st Pars Oil Cargo Exported-Forwardernews

According to Shana, the Iranian Oil Ministry’s news portal, 500,000 barrels of West Karoun oil, marketed as Pars Oil, was dispatched from Bahregan Port in the Persian Gulf on Saturday. The portal did not mention the buyer’s name, but according to reports from early June, Spain’s Repsol purchased 500,000 barrels of Pars Oil on a spot basis. Pars Oil, co-loaded with Iranian heavy grade, is a new grade produced in the West Karoun block.
Trade shows Tehran’s willingness not only to raise oil exports but also to expand trade with Europeans.”Other customers might be on board,” Shana added, noting that NIOC has distributed samples of the heavy oil from oilfields in southwest Iran to some customers. NIOC sold its first oil cargo to Chile last week after 16 years.

Nigeria has lost fortunes to collapse of national shipping line

Nigeria as a maritime nation has lost fortunes to the collapse of the Nigerian National Shipping Line (NNSL) about 13 years ago.

India aims to be top supplier of talent in port and maritime: Shipping Secy

India aims to be top supplier of talent in port and maritime: Shipping Secy-Forwardernews

Ministry of Shipping under its flagship Rs 14 lakh crore Sagarmala Programme a world class Centre of Excellence in maritime and shipbuilding (CEMS) is being set up in partnership with Siemens and Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) at a cost of Rs 766 crore.
CEMS aims to become an international nodal center in South Asia, attracting students from neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia for skill development in the port and maritime sector.



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