The U.S. needs 50,000 truck drivers to avoid a shipping squeeze

The U.S. needs 50,000 truck drivers to avoid a shipping squeeze-Forwardernews

According to the American Trucking Associations, there's a shortage of roughly 50,000 truck drivers across the country. And it's hitting both businesses and consumers in the wallet.
Companies are complaining about how the driver shortage is impacting their business. Meanwhile, the cost of convenient shipping is starting to catch up with consumers.
Amazon recently hiked its Prime membership to $119 a year from $99 a year. The retail giant said one of the reasons for the price jump was increased shipping costs.
But the driver shortage isn't just because of demand created by online shopping. There's a lot going on behind the scenes, according to Bob Costello, the chief economist at American Trucking Associations.

Tire Sealant Deal “Huge Step Forward for the Industry”

Tire Sealant Deal “Huge Step Forward for the Industry”-Forwardernews

The partnership, which begins this month, was finalized after having performed a comprehensive testing and clearance phase of the combination of Ultra-Seal with tires, rims, and valves. The 3-year contract between Schmitz Cargobull and Ultra-Seal involves supplier warranty on tires and rims for approved combinations when using Ultra-Seal.
Schmitz Cargobull’s member of the Board of Directors, Boris Billich, states: “We are always interested in finding new products that can benefit our customers. We have closely followed tire experiences with Ultra-Seal and the positive results there paved the road to approve Ultra-Seal as tire sealant for Schmitz Cargobull.”

Pallet Network Welcomes Back Founder Member


Pall-Ex has expanded its operation by welcoming back well-established founder member, Panic Transport. Rugby-based Panic Transport, which was founded in 1990...

Developing the next generation of hybrid vehicles in Europe

"The history of transport matches the evolution of the engine and the associated driving systems. These days saving energy and reducing polluting emissions are the main objectives of research.

'A new challenge to make more cost-efficient engines has been launched in Europe. How does this technology work and how will it integrate in our daily life?" reports Euronews correspondent, Claudio Rosmino in this edition of Futuris.

Trucking around Europe in nine days

In the outskirts of Polish capital Warsaw a truck driver from Ukraine Ruslan Novikov starts the journey in his twin trailer truck. Our journalist Natalia Liubchenkova joins him for nine days.

The cabin of the truck is Ruslan’s home for many months ahead. There is a bed right behind the driver’s seat. Underneath it – there is a storage filled up with products. It is unlikely that he will be home before summer!



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