US announces tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200bn

US announces tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200bn-Forwardernews

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said the new tariffs are in response to China's pursuit of "abusive trading practices with regard to intellectual property and innovation".
The US public has been given until the end of August to comment on the proposed list, which is expected to come into force in September.
China has said it is shocked by the US announcement and plans to retaliate.
Washington has already implemented tariffs on $34bn worth of goods with duties on a further $16bn set to come into force in the autumn. China has responded in kind.

European shippers may also “feel the pain” of more ocean cargo carrier consolidation

European shippers may also “feel the pain” of more ocean cargo carrier consolidation-Forwardernews

It comes as small surprise that the same concerns have been raised by the European Shippers’ Council (ESC) which recently stated that the service provided by container shipping lines has deteriorated since 2016 and is now seen by exporters, importers and freight forwarders “as more problematic.” 
According to the second annual shipper satisfaction survey done by ESC and Drewry Supply Chain Advisors, all the service features received a poor or medium level of satisfaction score from customers. 
“The most critical issues facing ocean carriers for the remainder of the year are to regain profitability and stop cutting customer service as a cost-reduction measure,” said Philip Damas, Head of Drewry’s Supply Chain Advisors in an interview.

Container maintenance facility coming to South Carolina inland port

Container maintenance facility coming to South Carolina inland port-Forwardernews

To open in the third quarter, the facility will be used to provide container and chassis maintenance services for a variety of customers in the area. Container Maintenance offers repair, upkeep and depot services, and stores and redistributes intermodal equipment.
The Dillon facility will complement the company's operation at Inland Port Greer, which also ties into the port but is served by Norfolk Southern Railway.
"We are excited to be part of the Dillon community and are proud that we can continue to support the Port of Charleston through its inland port network," said David Miller Jr., Container Maintenance's general manager of marine repair services, in a press release.

US imposes new security measures on incoming cargo shipments

US imposes new security measures on incoming cargo shipments-Forwardernews

The new measure took effect Tuesday.
Carriers operating planes with commercial cargo now must send certain information about that cargo to U.S. Customs and Border Protection before loading the plane.
Until now, airlines generally weren't required to provide the cargo information until a few hours before the plane's arrival. Officials said that meant Customs might not have enough time to identify items that could be bombs or chemical or biological weapons until the plane was already on its way to a U.S. destination.
Customs said it will be able to order airline crews not to load suspicious cargo. The government is not detailing the information that the airlines must provide.

Your organization’s most valuable asset

Your organization’s most valuable asset-Forwardernews

However, during several of the industry conferences this spring, I had multiple conversations about what many are now calling a “labor crisis” in our industry. Sure, we’ve been covering the ongoing truck driver shortage for years as well as the need for a “youth movement” in the industry, but we’ve yet to draw attention to the growing shortage of talent needed to occupy the mid-and senior-level management positions that we now need to lead more dynamic logistics and supply chain teams.

The Power 25: On the rise with the world’s top forwarders

The Power 25: On the rise with the world’s top forwarders-Forwardernews

They were far behind on the technology adoption curve; Amazon was coming along to disintermediate everyone in the logistics business and overcapacity was slowly bleeding the carriers dry.

Multimodal Americas

Multimodal Americas-Forwardernews

The event is run by Clarion Events/Urban Expositions - and we have a wealth of expertise in this market -running over seven annual events worldwide, including the flagship Multimodal UK. 
Multimodal Americas is being staged in the fantastic city of Toronto, alongside TIACA's Air Cargo Forum. In one huge hall – over three action-packed days, with meetings, conferences, 1-2-1s, over 300 exhibits, networking events and site visits – ACF and Multimodal Americas will be the place to be in fall 2018. Multimodal Americas and ACF will be supported by:
••CIFFA – The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association
••TIA – The Transport Intermediaries Association
••FMA – Freight Management Association of Canada
••GSF – The Global Shippers' Forum


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