How The Boeing 777X Is Replacing The 747 And Airbus A380

How The Boeing 777X Is Replacing The 747 And Airbus A380-

The upcoming aircraft from Boeing has won popularity as the next must-have ‘big’ aircraft on the market, as Airbus and Boeing phase out their Jumbo jets.

Emirates A380 draws crowds at Saudi International Airshow

Emirates A380 draws crowds at Saudi International Airshow-

The Emirates A380 drew in more than 3,000 visitors in two days at the first Saudi International Airshow. The Emirates A380 was the largest commercial aircraft on display at the event.
The aircraft received a royal visit from Prince Sultan bin Salman, chairman of the board of Saudi Space Agency. Prince Sultan was received by Adel Al-Ghaith, senior vice president, commercial operations, Gulf, Middle East, and Iran for Emirates, who took him through the flagship aircraft’s signature design details and latest onboard products.

Why grounding 737 MAX jets is a big deal for Boeing

Why grounding 737 MAX jets is a big deal for Boeing-

It's too early to know how long the grounding will last or what the ultimate fallout will be, but the news is not good for Boeing.
China's decision to ground the planes came after a second 787 MAX 8 crash in less than six months. An Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed Sunday and a Lion Air flight from Indonesia went down in October.
"A suspension in China is very significant, as this is a major market for Boeing," said Greg Waldron, Asia managing editor at aviation research firm Flightglobal.

Qatar Airways Will Retire the Airbus A380 In Favor of The Boeing 777X

Qatar Airways Will Retire the Airbus A380 In Favor of The Boeing 777X-Forwardernews

Qatar has been operating the A380 since 2014 and has 10 of them in their current fleet. They serve destinations including London Heathrow, Sydney, Melbourne and Guangzhou.
It’s been a hard start to 2019 for the A380 program. Once the pinnacle of aviation engineering, these massive jets are now viewed as old fashioned and inefficient, leading multiple carriers to cancel orders in favor of newer, more efficient alternatives.
The demise of the A380 program seems almost inevitable now, and Simple Flying predicts they could announce the end of the program as soon as tomorrow, as part of their full-year earnings results.

Airbus A330neo Gets ETOPS For Beyond 180 Minutes

Airbus A330neo Gets ETOPS For Beyond 180 Minutes-

What exactly is ETOPS?
ETOPS is an acronym for Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards. ETOPS certification allows twin-engine aircraft to fly more than 60 minutes flying time away from the nearest airport that is suitable for an emergency landing.
The new approval for the Airbus A330neo is for ETOPS 285 min. This means that the aircraft is permitted to fly on a route which is not further than 285 minutes flying time with one engine inoperative from the nearest airport that can be used for an emergency landing.

Airbus threatens to shift work if Britain leaves EU with no deal

Airbus threatens to shift work if Britain leaves EU with no deal-

In a direct appeal to Britain’s divided parliament to avoid a disorderly divorce, Chief Executive Tom Enders issued his sharpest warning yet that future jobs are at risk and branded the lack of clarity for businesses as a “disgrace”.
"The UK's aerospace sector now stands at the precipice," Enders said in a video released on Airbus' website.

World's longest flight route review: Singapore Airlines SQ22 to New York

Even Richard Quest, host of CNN's Quest means Business show and the best-known aviation correspondent on the planet, will be hosting an online Q & A session from the comfort of business class. The Newark flight is front-page news in Singapore's The Straits Times, and a leading item on most of the news channels.
Why? Because, if successful, SQ22 will re-establish Singapore Airline (SIA) as the holder of commercial aviation's equivalent of the "Blue Ribbon" fought over so fiercely between the great Transatlantic liners before jets made ships such as the Queen Mary obsolete.

Air France KLM on the ascent in August

Air France KLM on the ascent in August-Forwardernews

The latest figures from European airlines show that Air France KLM saw cargo traffic increase by 4.8% year on year in August to 741m revenue tonne-km. Over the first eight months of the year demand at the group is up by 0.3%.
Capacity was up by the lower amount of 3.4% and as a result, its August load factor reached 56.8% against 56% last year.
This is the airline group’s largest percentage increase in cargo traffic since November 2016 and the first time for a while it has really maintained a streak – this is its third increase in a row - of outgrowing major competitors.

Amazon Air confirms 767 delivery schedule for 2018

Amazon Air confirms 767 delivery schedule for 2018-Forwardernews

 Next week, Atlas Air will put three more aircraft into service for Amazon, bringing the number of aircraft in operation for Amazon to 38. The last two of the 40 committed aircraft are currently undergoing conversion to freighter configuration and will enter into service with Atlas Air, to be operated on behalf of the e-commerce giant before Thanksgiving.

Aeroflot has good six months for cargo

Aeroflot has good six months for cargo-win situation-Forwardernews

The news for freight was good. Cargo revenue rose by 13.9% year-on-year to RUB 8,178m as cargo and mail volumes grew by 10.6%.
The carrier as a whole saw revenue rise by 13.2% year on year to reach RUB265,822, but earnings fell dramatically year on year, largely as a result of high fuel prices pushing up costs, and the airline made a net loss over the period.



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