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Companies ready to move supply chains from China

Companies ready to move supply chains from China-Forwardernews

A common theme is that they are ready to relocate supply chains if the cost of importing Chinese goods becomes prohibitive.
US President Donald Trump imposed a 10 percent tariff on US$200 billion (S$276 billion) of Chinese imports last month - following an earlier round of tariffs on US$50 billion of goods - and promised to raise the duty to 25 percent in January.
He has also threatened to expand the levy to all products imported from China - an amount that totaled US$531 billion in the 12 months to August inclusive, according to the latest data from the US Department of Commerce.
Here is what companies are telling analysts:

BW LNG Appoints First Female Captain of LNG Carrier

BW LNG Appoints First Female Captain of LNG Carrier-Forwardernews

Captain Pletena began her career as a deck cadet with Bergesen, a Norwegian shipping company, in 2001, from the Latvian Maritime Academy.
“Upon graduation, I returned to Bergesen as the fourth mate and made my way to where I am now. For several years, I had to combine work at sea as a junior officer and studies at the Latvian Maritime Academy on a correspondence course, which was not easy at all,” Ms. Platena said in an interview in the latest edition of BW Group’s World Horizon magazine.

World's longest flight route review: Singapore Airlines SQ22 to New York

Even Richard Quest, host of CNN's Quest means Business show and the best-known aviation correspondent on the planet, will be hosting an online Q & A session from the comfort of business class. The Newark flight is front-page news in Singapore's The Straits Times, and a leading item on most of the news channels.
Why? Because, if successful, SQ22 will re-establish Singapore Airline (SIA) as the holder of commercial aviation's equivalent of the "Blue Ribbon" fought over so fiercely between the great Transatlantic liners before jets made ships such as the Queen Mary obsolete.

UK freight forwarders association expresses surprise at the recent news on the UK Government’s plans for Customs

UK freight forwarders association expresses surprise at the recent news on the UK Government’s plans for Customs-Forwardernews

Robert Keen, Director General of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) says that in light of the significance of such news on the work undertaken by BIFA member companies, he was surprised that they have learned about it from a national newspaper, rather than through an official announcement.
“BIFA has had many meetings with both HM Treasury and HMRC in which we highlighted our concerns regarding the capability of the Customs brokerage sector to increase capacity.
“We have explained that the sector already faces a massive shortage of staff of suitable quality.

Air France KLM on the ascent in August

Air France KLM on the ascent in August-Forwardernews

The latest figures from European airlines show that Air France KLM saw cargo traffic increase by 4.8% year on year in August to 741m revenue tonne-km. Over the first eight months of the year demand at the group is up by 0.3%.
Capacity was up by the lower amount of 3.4% and as a result, its August load factor reached 56.8% against 56% last year.
This is the airline group’s largest percentage increase in cargo traffic since November 2016 and the first time for a while it has really maintained a streak – this is its third increase in a row - of outgrowing major competitors.



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