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Nigeria has lost fortunes to collapse of national shipping line

Nigeria as a maritime nation has lost fortunes to the collapse of the Nigerian National Shipping Line (NNSL) about 13 years ago.

US imposes new security measures on incoming cargo shipments

US imposes new security measures on incoming cargo shipments-Forwardernews

The new measure took effect Tuesday.
Carriers operating planes with commercial cargo now must send certain information about that cargo to U.S. Customs and Border Protection before loading the plane.
Until now, airlines generally weren't required to provide the cargo information until a few hours before the plane's arrival. Officials said that meant Customs might not have enough time to identify items that could be bombs or chemical or biological weapons until the plane was already on its way to a U.S. destination.
Customs said it will be able to order airline crews not to load suspicious cargo. The government is not detailing the information that the airlines must provide.

Brazil Truck Freight Talks Lag, Lead to Shipping Delays

Brazil Truck Freight Talks Lag, Lead to Shipping Delays-Forwardernews

Maggi told reporters in Brasilia that at least 60 ships in all Brazilian ports are facing loading delays because of reduced trucker movement from areas such as Brazil's center-west grain belt to southern ports.
Owners of goods such as soybeans, corn, and meat are at odds with the government over minimum truck freight prices it proposed as a measure to end the strike and many are refusing to hire trucks.
A new proposal promised by the government has yet to materialize.
"There are a lot of products waiting for transportation. We should be moving 450,000 tonnes of goods to ports every day, but we are not," said Maggi.

High demand continues to absorb used truck supply

High demand continues to absorb used truck supply-Forwardernews

Volume at auction lower than predicted

The volume of used trucks going to auction continued to be lower than expected in May due to heightened demand. Fleets are keeping existing equipment on top of purchasing used trucks. J.D. Power described pricing as “stable to slightly downward” as a result.

Refrigeration Specialist Adds to Solar Panel Portfolio

Refrigeration Specialist Adds to Solar Panel Portfolio-Forwardernews

In low light, Thermo King’s new solar panels collect energy to keep the refrigeration unit’s battery fully charged. This eliminates the need to use the engine to charge the battery and reduces fuel consumption by up to 23 percent and CO2 emissions by 560kg. Solar panels are especially ideal for customers who have sustainability goals.



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