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Port Houston Jumps to Top 5 U.S. Container Ports

Port Houston Jumps to Top 5 U.S. Container Ports-Forwardernews

Port Houston, which has been expanding rapidly in recent years, has climbed to become the fifth largest container port in the U.S., according to JOC Piers data covering the second quarter of 2018. Port Houston handled 1,057,964 twenty-foot-equivalent-units (TEUs) during that period and catapulted up from the sixth spot.
Port Houston is outpacing trade for the U.S. as a whole this year, led by strong imports, the data also shows. For example, during the first six months of 2018, Port Houston imports from the Trans-Pacific region jumped by 24 percent, a significant hike compared to overall U.S. Trans-Pacific imports, which increased by 5 percent.



Due to globalization, the world of e-commerce is moving away from the western world, with 84% of e-commerce sales now coming from outside the US and Europe. The tariffs, borders, and duties that Brexit will enforce across the EU will make trading more challenging and less profitable for UK-based retailers, which is why it’s important that businesses differentiate their income revenues and start to build an action plan for expansion; to tap into these booming, emerging marketplaces.
GFS offers a practical, four-point action plan for delivery to help retailers mitigate the risk of Brexit and accelerate international e-commerce growth.

Aeroflot has good six months for cargo

Aeroflot has good six months for cargo-win situation-Forwardernews

The news for freight was good. Cargo revenue rose by 13.9% year-on-year to RUB 8,178m as cargo and mail volumes grew by 10.6%.
The carrier as a whole saw revenue rise by 13.2% year on year to reach RUB265,822, but earnings fell dramatically year on year, largely as a result of high fuel prices pushing up costs, and the airline made a net loss over the period.

Trade war may present long-term headwind for air freight

Trade war may present long-term headwind for air freight-Forwardernews

Supply, as measured by available freight ton kilometers (AFTK's), continued to outpace the growth in demand in both months. However, the rate also fell in June (4.1%) and July (3.8%) compared to the first five months of the year when AFTK's grew by 5.1% on average. 
The dip is primarily a result of an end to the inventory restocking cycle, the IATA wrote in both its June and July Air Freight Market Analysis report. However, short-term disruptions (such as the grounding of the Nippon Cargo fleet) and weakening global exports are contributing factors.

New logistics software upgrades from Oracle released last week

New logistics software upgrades from Oracle released last week-Forwardernews

According to spokesmen, these releases enable managers seeking to reduce costs, streamline compliance with global trade regulations, and accelerate customer fulfillment, to utilize these significant needs on a single, integrated platform.
Oracle’s Vice President, SCM Product Strategy, Derek Gittoes, told LM in an interview that the dual releases may provide managers with real-time asset and cargo tracking that enhances the security of their supply chains.
“With this solution, they can be alerted to deviations in their shipment plans that may be indicative of security breaches,” he said... “For example, a truck that makes an unscheduled stop or a truck that takes an unplanned route.”



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