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British Team Claims Temperature-Controlled World First

British Team Claims Temperature-Controlled World First-Forwardernews

The TLX PCM cargo cover is launched this week by Sales Director, Thomas Hunt. “TLX PCM is designed to remove the problem of the temperature spike seen on most pallet data loggers in air cargo when the pallet is off-loaded on to the tarmac at hot locations,” he says. “It’s a game-changer in the Temperature Controlled Logistics sector solving problems such as: excursions on 15-25°C routes, power outages on 2-8°C routes, upgrading and reducing the size of parcel shippers along with controlling temperatures of ULD’s for perishables.”

Charging All-Electric Trucks

Charging All-Electric Trucks

As trucking fleets prepare for the availability of all-electric, plug-in Class 8 tractors, they are evaluating existing power capabilities at terminal locations and working through what’s needed for charging infrastructure to support these vehicles.

Both UPS Inc. and Ryder System Inc. are working with Tesla Inc. to develop charging infrastructure to support the tractors that the fleets have preordered. Tesla has said its all-electric tractors will be available in 2019.

How will you stay ahead of disruptive technology?

If you are in trucking and freight transportation, you have sense of how the world moves - and how you move the world. You have specific demands. And, often, speak in a very specific language. You need information that understands you.

Transport Topics speaks your language. It allows you to see all aspects of the business of trucking. So that you have two things: clarity to make good decisions and the confidence to ask questions, engage, and present with colleagues and business partners.

Developing the next generation of hybrid vehicles in Europe

"The history of transport matches the evolution of the engine and the associated driving systems. These days saving energy and reducing polluting emissions are the main objectives of research.

'A new challenge to make more cost-efficient engines has been launched in Europe. How does this technology work and how will it integrate in our daily life?" reports Euronews correspondent, Claudio Rosmino in this edition of Futuris.

Trucking around Europe in nine days

In the outskirts of Polish capital Warsaw a truck driver from Ukraine Ruslan Novikov starts the journey in his twin trailer truck. Our journalist Natalia Liubchenkova joins him for nine days.

The cabin of the truck is Ruslan’s home for many months ahead. There is a bed right behind the driver’s seat. Underneath it – there is a storage filled up with products. It is unlikely that he will be home before summer!



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