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Emirates A380 draws crowds at Saudi International Airshow

Emirates A380 draws crowds at Saudi International Airshow-

The Emirates A380 drew in more than 3,000 visitors in two days at the first Saudi International Airshow. The Emirates A380 was the largest commercial aircraft on display at the event.
The aircraft received a royal visit from Prince Sultan bin Salman, chairman of the board of Saudi Space Agency. Prince Sultan was received by Adel Al-Ghaith, senior vice president, commercial operations, Gulf, Middle East, and Iran for Emirates, who took him through the flagship aircraft’s signature design details and latest onboard products.

Liberia: Understanding the Cargo Tracking Note System and Its Benefits

Liberia: Understanding the Cargo Tracking Note System and Its

The CTN requirement was implemented by Liberian Customs officials in 2018, obliging all Exporters / Freight Forwarders to obtain this certificate for each shipment before they touch Liberian ports.

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) or Advance Cargo System was introduced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) call ISPs Code after the 9/11 attack in the USA as a means of improving the security around marine shipment.

It is a system that is used to verify the security, safety, and contents of every cargo that comes in and out of every port in the world.

Many Countries in the African continent require exporters to notify Custom Authorities about the shipment details before they arrive.

Why grounding 737 MAX jets is a big deal for Boeing

Why grounding 737 MAX jets is a big deal for Boeing-

It's too early to know how long the grounding will last or what the ultimate fallout will be, but the news is not good for Boeing.
China's decision to ground the planes came after a second 787 MAX 8 crash in less than six months. An Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed Sunday and a Lion Air flight from Indonesia went down in October.
"A suspension in China is very significant, as this is a major market for Boeing," said Greg Waldron, Asia managing editor at aviation research firm Flightglobal.

Improving freight management

Improving freight

There are six critical indicators to consider when looking into your freight management system:

  • Safety – Ensures freight activity is performed appropriately and in compliance with regulations and requirements.
  • Service – Confirms that customer expectations are being met, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Freight costs – Tracks trends and issues in freight rates, ensuring your spend is competitive with others in your market.
  • Efficiency and productivity – Delays in loading or unloading, last minute order changes, and suboptimal shipment size are just a few areas of focus

Qatar Airways Will Retire the Airbus A380 In Favor of The Boeing 777X

Qatar Airways Will Retire the Airbus A380 In Favor of The Boeing 777X-Forwardernews

Qatar has been operating the A380 since 2014 and has 10 of them in their current fleet. They serve destinations including London Heathrow, Sydney, Melbourne and Guangzhou.
It’s been a hard start to 2019 for the A380 program. Once the pinnacle of aviation engineering, these massive jets are now viewed as old fashioned and inefficient, leading multiple carriers to cancel orders in favor of newer, more efficient alternatives.
The demise of the A380 program seems almost inevitable now, and Simple Flying predicts they could announce the end of the program as soon as tomorrow, as part of their full-year earnings results.



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